How do you minimize downtime for my business?

Given that A-1 Freeman has been in the moving business since 1974, our people know a thing or two about moving offices and workspaces efficiently. It’s not an exaggeration to say we’ve developed our process into something of an art. That’s why we’ve consistently made good on our promise to move businesses in a way that keeps their downtime minimal and their profits flowing. With us, that’s a top priority.

In order to keep your company’s downtime minimal we’ll do a number of things, including …

  • work with you to develop a thorough Needs Analysis and Survey,
  • arrange a Pre-Move Planning Meeting between you and the A-1 Freeman Project Manager and Crew Supervisor we’ve assigned you,
  • make sure you understand the equipment we’ll be using for your move, such as cranes and rigging,
  • assign the appropriate number of trucks and docks to accomplish your move seamlessly,
  • instruct you and your employees on the preparations you must make before our crew arrives on moving day,
  • make sure everyone is clear on what you’ll pack and we’ll pack,
  • take extra precautions that all packed items are properly labeled so they can be placed correctly in your new offices,
  • thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the floorplan of your current and new offices as well as building hours and your company’s hours of operation,
  • disassemble and pack necessary items as arranged with your beforehand,
  • handle the disconnect and reconnect of your IT equipment, taking special care to keep your server downtime minimal,
  • walk through your offices after loading to ensure that nothing has been missed,
  • cycle our trucks and crew between your current offices and your new offices for maximum efficiency,
  • reassemble items taken apart for the move, and
  • install items in your new offices as necessary and prearranged with you.

For full details on everything we do to minimize your company’s downtime, review What to Expect with Your Office Relocation.