Professional Interoffice Moving Services

Moving Within The Same Office Building Can Require a Professional

We recognize that internal office moves can be almost as much work as moving offices across town or across the state.

office movingRelocating your offices can be a big job, even if it is an interoffice move on the same floor or within your current building. While you won’t need to load everything in a truck and transport it, it will require just as much coordination of all the other details. A-1 Freeman Moving Group has been the office moving company of choice for over 40 years. We have the experience and expertly trained crews to handle all the details of your move with as little downtime as possible.
Many interoffice moves call for one or more of the following services:
Luckily, A-1 Freeman Moving Group can assist with all of these services, and more!  If you have a need to move offices across the hall, within your building or even across your corporate campus, contact A-1 Freeman today to learn how we help make interoffice moves successful for our clients. 

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