Service Provider Evaluation

We're experienced with Service Provider Evaluations

Drawn from decades of working with the Industries’ leading Relocation Management, Move Management and HHG Transportation Providers, we assess your current policy against the programs competitors might be offering. This insures your provider base performs not only to your high standards, but industry performance benchmarks as well.

Process Mapping | Service Alignment

Conduct an extensive review of your current program’s Workforce Planning, Relocation and Logistics processes and recommend enhancements that improve efficiency.

  • Thoroughly research, analyze and document all data associated with design and execution of your current process, focusing on the efficiency of results according to the time, monetary investment and workforce commitment necessary to execute and sustain favorable results from your current process.
  • Understand, Clarify and prioritize your process goals, control points and risks
  • Collaborate and interview with staff directly involved with your process to accurately map current execution and gain perspective regarding functional design, and actual operational value vs. desired outcomes.
  • Conduct exhaustive and intensive (priority driven) needs analysis to define gap values between present and desired performance, both functionally and kinetically to determine whether process re-design, process management or augmentation would serve you best.

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