Record StorageA-1 Freeman Records Management offers a service for electronic delivery of stored data – SCAN ON DEMAND. Scan-On-Demand is the ultimate in efficiency for clients who need quick access to their stored hard copy records, providing a cost-effective archive and scanning solution. With the combination of secure record storage and document scanning service, A-1 Freeman is able to offer secure document storage with fast electronic document retrieval. Scan-On-Demand allows you to store your documents off-site and have them retrieved, scanned and quickly returned via a secure web connection or email to the designated authorized end user. You can easily access your information anytime from anywhere on our secure website.

Your files can be:
  • stored
  • organized
  • viewed
  • printed 

Fast document retrieval is key for any business and digital documents are the quickest and easiest to find. The time and resources saved from retrieving documents allows our clients not only to save great sums annually, but to ultimately improve customer service as well.

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