Program & Process Analysis

Trust us for Program & Process Analysis

Compare your program costs against industry standards, and identify areas of immediate savings to mitigate risk against future loss and/or provider service failure. (Example: tax and regulatory implications.)

  • Provide a comprehensive cost inventory analysis of your relocation program expenses.
  • Perform cost benefit analysis and industry comparison study to evaluate the dollar to benefit ratio of your program and call awareness to competitive trends that provide advantage.
  • Conduct cost utility analysis for procurement decision guidance and ongoing support toward eliminating wasteful spending.
  • Individualize an economic impact analysis and survey (output impact): revenue, employment, social return of investment (multi-ratio ROI according to Stakeholders)
  • Consult regarding how to minimize tax loss, successfully navigate new tax law affecting relocation and implement competitive tax strategies to optimize savings.

Policy Review | Performance Evaluation

Our proprietary evaluation process, database and recognized industry expertise allow us to conduct the most thorough, unbiased review of your business – whether you are validating policy or creating a new one.

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