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record storage file managementIs your office or business overflowing with documents, files, and business records? Need help relocating and storing important information? A-1 Freeman Moving Group can help.
We get it; paperwork can take up a lot of valuable space in your office building, space that could be better utilized. But when you start talking about moving those documents, be it to a new office location or to a short or long-term storage facility, you want to make sure they are handled securely.
Our business records and file moving services and storage facilities are some of the safest and securest around. Whether or not your records move is part of an office relocation, our professionals can competently manage your business file moves start to finish, which allows your staff to remain focused on their jobs. If you need temporary or long-term document storage, we can handle that, too.
Our record management facilities are:
  • Fire-proofed
  • Equipped with dry sprinkler systems
  • Security monitored
Files such as tapes, x-rays and computer files have their own specially designed areas and are always available to you. Items are bar-coded for their immediate retrieval, and we also allow you the option to pick-up and deliver your possessions.
A-1 Freeman business records management services include:
  • Long-term document storage
  • Bar-coded for immediate retrieval of boxes, files and documents
  • Store your tapes, x-rays and computer files
  • Private auditing rooms
  • Security monitored, fireproof and climate-controlled
  • Pick-up, delivery and courier service
  • Document destruction
  • HIPAA Compliant
We can facilitate your office to office document moves, interoffice file relocation, or improve your office efficiency, while saving you valuable time and money, with our records management. We have the ability to specifically design storage programs for you to accommodate your storage needs and can work closely with you to decide which records need to be sent to storage. We will always suggest the most efficient, speedy and cost-effective way for records pickup and deliveries. Use our quote for or give our professionals a call.

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