What to Expect with Your International Move

What to Expect with Your International Residential Move

International MovesInternational moves can be tricky. Rest assured we know how to navigate the difficulties, having moved people all around the globe for a good 40 years and then some! Whether you’re moving from Tulsa to Taipei, from Boston to Brussels, from Quantico to Quebec – or from anywhere stateside to anywhere else – we’ll get your household where it’s got to go. We take full responsibility for your international move.

The Moving Process

There are a lot of details that go into any move, but an international move can be particularly stressful.  Here are the steps you can count on us taking:
FREE Ballpark Pricing
With an international move, especially, you’ll want some idea up front of what such a move will cost. Give us a call. Talk with us. Tell us where you’re going, when you want or need to go, and what kind of a move you’d like us to handle for you. Based on our long experience with global moving, we’ll give you a free ballpark estimate. This may or may not be the final price. Further discussion with you will help determine that. But at least you’ll have some idea of what to expect, cost-wise, before committing fully.
The Home Survey
To arrive at a final, accurate estimate of your international move’s cost, we need to conduct a survey of the possessions you’ll be moving. An A-1 Freeman estimator will meet with you at your home to consult with you on various aspects of your move and to conduct a walk-through of your home, taking an inventory of the items to be shipped.
The Written Estimate
After consulting with you and reviewing your Home Survey results, we’re able to provide you with a more precise, written estimate of your international moving costs. It takes into account everything associated with your move, including which moving services of ours you’ve selected.
The Customer Agreement
This is your move contract, which sets locations, move dates and times, the moving services you’ve opted, safety and insurance provisions, the cost, and other details. Signing it signifies that you agree to our terms and pricing and authorizes us to schedule your move.
The Move Plan
International MoveTo assure you of an international move that’s smooth, safe, and trouble-free, we assign you a Move Coordinator – your very own, personal representative and counselor. He or she will help you plan your move from start to finish. At your first meeting, your specialist will:
  • confirm your move dates
  • confirm the addresses involved stateside and out of country
  • confirm which of our services you want
  • offer preliminary counsel in what to expect from your move
  • answer your questions
From this point forward, your Move Coordinator is your A-1 Freeman “one point of contact.” You can count on him or her being thoroughly familiar with the complexities of international moving and advising you properly – especially on customs laws from one country to another. Besides providing you with important information on your specific destination country, he or she also can help you with:
  • passports
  • visas
  • automobile titles
  • all other necessary international paperwork
Then, throughout the move, your Move Coordinator will keep you updated on its progress.
The Pre-Move Confirmation
As your move date approaches, we’ll email or call you to make sure it’s still “on” according to plan. We’ll confirm dates, times, locations, and everything else associated with your move to another country.
With regards to securing your goods, A-1 Freeman Moving Group trustworthiness is unparalleled.

Packing DishesStep one in safeguarding your belongings for the journey is appropriate packing. 

  • All packing supplies along with boxes will be original
  • All dishes, glass, as well as delicate items will be separately wrapped before boxing
  • Cartons will be taped over the top, the base, as well as the sides
  • All area rugs in addition to floor coverings will be rolled up and wrapped
  • Customer's name, location and belongings will be designated on every box

All things that aren't acceptable for packing shall be padded for moving. These things consist of household furniture pieces, bulky items and big home appliances. These things will be paper padded as a standard, and if pieces need to have extra safeguards, the usage of double covering in addition to crating will be engaged.

Correct padding calls for the following techniques: 

  • All pieces of furniture shall be disassembled, when appropriate
  • All parts (nuts and bolts) shall be put into plastic bags prior to being placed inside the master hardware box
  • All household furniture shall be covered with at least 3-ply paper padding
  • Corner pads shall be utilized to supply extra safety
  • All paper pad joints shall be sealed with tape
  • Skeleton or complete crates shall be utilized on bulky and / or delicate items
Transport Containers for Any Application
You'll be able to rest assured recognizing that your belongings are going to be meticulously containerized for export.
Take note: Dependent upon your situation, your goods could be packed into containers at your house or possibly at our agent's facility.
Depending on the proportions of your belongings, its handling specifications and desired destination, there are various varieties of containers and transport approaches which could be implemented. Feel comfortable knowing, each of them is intended to take full advantage of cost-efficiency and security.
  • Air shipments, that are packed inside wood or corrugated vessels
  • Small ocean shipments, that can be placed inside watertight wooden liftvans
  • Large ocean shipments, which are usually packed within metal steamship containers
Receiving the Most for Your Investment
In figuring out the price of your international shipment, we take into account its density - a combination of the weight along with cubic volume. Sizeable, odd-shaped pieces reduce space-efficiency while increasing the cubic volume of your shipment. Therefore, to reduce the cubic volume and make it easier to keep expenses lower, there are particular things that might not seem sensible to relocate with you such as rattan or wicker furniture, disposable baby diapers and large plastic kid's playthings, in addition to other items.
Making the Most of Cost-Efficiency
At A-1 Freeman, we are accessible if you need us. Your move coordinator will be in close communication with you, responding to inquiries in addition to handling the specifics of your move.

Offering you the best cost-effective transport method for your shipping and delivery calls for the blend of the most recent technologies together with skilled staff. The truth is, our professional staff members compute the ideal way to move your goods.

To be able to maximize cost-efficiency, we examine the following factors: 

  • Your ultimate locality
  • How quickly you will require your belongings

At A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we make certain you never pay for unneeded services. We are focused on your complete satisfaction - it truly is our foremost goal.

When You Get There
At arrival, you will have forms to sign and steps to adhere to. However, with only one phone call to your A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Coordinator, you will have each of the required customs papers, along with the most up-to-date details about your goods. We are there for you when you really need us most. Get in touch with your A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Coordinator whenever you get to your destination country, so they will be aware of best avenues to get in touch with you, and you will realize we are in contact with your move all the way.

This is a brief list of important things to accomplish when you get there: 

  • Register with your hotel
  • Register with the closest consulate
  • Contact your A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Coordinator

Customs Clearance Requirements
Take this!... Do not take that! Customs is often perplexing. As well, the requirements differ tremendously from one nation to a different one. This is exactly why we keep current on all of the rules. We are the moving professionals, and we want to surpass your expectations. Even though we are going to help you stay advised of the many variations in customs requirements, there are a few fundamental factors that you should always remember. A basic oversight could cause setbacks, fees, or possibly seizure of your whole shipment by international customs authorities.

To stay on the safe side, do not take any of these items (and in case you have any reservations, just leave it behind, or confer with your A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Coordinator): 

  • firearms
  • alcohol
  • narcotics
  • agricultural items, such as indoor plants and plant seeds
  • political items

In many places, your residential items and individual effects can enter duty-free. (Take note: A number of things might be susceptible to specific regulations and terms.) It's vital to understand that any duties or fees imposed upon your goods are in addition to our rates. Typically, you'll be able to work out your customs fees together with your international representative. But, there are occasions when you will be expected to work directly with the customs office. In this case, you'll want to obtain an official receipt and look after it, as several duties are refundable if you depart from the nation.

Delivering Your Belongings
To be certain that everything has arrived once your goods are delivered, thoroughly check off the items from your inventory page which was filled out at origin.

And to make it easier to assure prompt actions will be taken if you discover any inconsistencies, alert your A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Coordinator. We will handle it from there, so you will be completely pleased.

Once your shipment is delivered, your delivery crew will put together your possessions which were taken apart at origin. In order to assist in minimizing the strain of moving in, your delivery crew is able to unbox as much or as little as you'd like. In the improbable circumstance of damages, you'll want to take note on the inventory and alert your move coordinator.

Take note: Meticulously go through empty packaging materials and boxes to be certain small components don't get thrown away.

An Orderly and Stress-Free Move
international movingEverything we do targets helping to make your international move a stress-free and professional encounter. In the event that, you've got a question or issue, call your local A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Coordinator.

Why is it that we work so hard for your full satisfaction? Simply because we determine our success from your total satisfaction; it truly is our most important priority.

At A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we are here to respond to all your questions, and get you on your way.

Regardless of whether you intend to ship your whole home or simply several personal pieces, A-1 Freeman Moving Group is aware of how essential it is to you that your possessions arrive in a prompt fashion and in a similar condition in which they left. This is exactly why we invest in the individuals and technologies which make a big difference to you for your international move.

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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.

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