When is the best time to move?

It may be, of course, that you have no choice about your move date. A variety of life situations can force people to move when they’d rather not or when they’re least prepared for it. Rest assured, A-1 Freeman stands ready to move you wherever and whenever you need to go.

If you have a choice in the matter, though, follow these guidelines:
  • Best months to move: November through December. That’s when business tends to be slower for moving companies and you’re likely to be better accommodated.
  • Best time of month to move: mid-month. That’s when prices are lowest, since the busiest times for movers tend to be at the beginning and end of any month – often in sync with the end of people’s leases.
  • Best days of the week to move: Monday through Thursday. Think about it: most people want to move on a weekend  so it doesn’t conflict with their jobs. Result? Moving companies have weekends booked! Schedule your move during the week and you’ll generally get better service – and a better price!

Beyond these considerations, think about:

  • moving in the Summer if you have children. That is the most expensive time to move. But your kids will be out of school, and they’ll have more leisure time in which to adjust, not only to their new surroundings but also to the reality that they’ll be starting at a new school in the Fall. On the other hand, many people with kids prefer moving during the school year. The thinking is that teachers at a new school will give their kids better attention then, and their kids will make friends more quickly.
  • moving when the weather is most favorable if you live in an area prone to weather extremes. Obviously, you can’t predict what the weather will do. But certain seasons in certain parts of the country are better for moving than others. Spring and Fall are generally the best seasons, regardless of where you live. Winters – well, who wants to deal with moving in the snow and cold? And Summers? Besides the heat, there’s the added expense of moving at that time of year.
  • avoiding a move that would occur on any holiday. One word: TRAFFIC.