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January 16, 2016

Top Reasons to Use a Full Service Mover

Full Service Mover - Truck in Mountains 
If you’re getting ready to move, it’s always important to look at all of your options before deciding on the logistics of your move. You may think that a full-service move is totally out of your budget, but you might be pleasantly surprised to know that you can pick-and-choose services a la carte to make a custom package that is both affordable and less stress on you. Here are our top reasons for why you might want to use a full service mover.
You Don’t Want to Ask Your Friends Again
Let’s be frank -- your friends don’t want to help you move. I don’t care how good of friends they are – they would rather be doing something else at noon on a Saturday. Even if you offer them free pizza and beer – moving is not only a painful task, it’s hard on your body. It’s not worth your friend throwing his/her back out, when you could pay a little more and have professionals come and help. Save the beer and pizza for your house warming party.
It’s Less Stress on You
Moving is one of the most stressful life events next to marriage, death and divorce. You will never regret investing to make this life event less stressful. When you hire movers to help with the packing, loading, unpacking and installations – it gives you more time to worry about the important things like transitioning to a new job, getting your kids assimilated to a new school and fixing up your new home.
It’s a Matter of Health
Hiring a full-service mover may seem expensive, until you compare the price to the cost of 50 chiropractor visits when you throw your back out of alignment. Not only is moving yourself stressful, it can also be hard on your body. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.
If You’re Going a Long Distance
If you’re moving across state lines or across the country – hiring a full service mover might be the only way to go logistically, unless you’re prepared to take multiple trips. Just be aware of hidden costs of lodging, meals and gas – and compare that to the price to have someone else help you move your things. If you’re interested in getting a quote for full service moving, give us a call at (866) 723-5292 or request a quote online. 

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