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January 27, 2023

Tips to Help You When Moving Furniture

Packing Furniture for a MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When you might be contemplating moving soon, you may consider selecting a moving company to help you out. This is because while moving smaller belongings might be relatively easy, moving pieces of furniture can be a daunting chore– particularly if you aren’t planning on getting any help. You might easily scratch or damage your household furnishings if you fail to plan and make use of the proper tools and materials. Therefore, safeguarding your household furniture needs to be very important when moving. Luckily, there are several methods to keep your furniture safe during the moving process.

This article will provide you tips which will help protect your pieces of furniture when moving.

Commence by Disassembling Whatever You Can

You do not have to disassemble all furniture items when moving. But you could attempt and disassemble the ones you can before you get in touch with a moving company. Some furniture pieces can be taken apart easily, like bed frames, wooden chairs, and modular sofas. If you have the original assembly furniture instructions, it would be simple to read them for guidance on disassembling the furniture item. It may help if you wrap all the disassembled parts in a protective covering and place them inside a labeled cardboard carton.

Place all Screws and Hardware Inside a Small Box

Over the furniture disassembly process, you might misplace screws and other crucial hardware that binds everything together. It is essential to secure these items inside a small box or plastic baggie that is properly sealed as you commence taking apart your furniture. It might also be of assistance if you properly label your parts box with the items' corresponding furniture. This should help you simply understand where every piece should after you arrive in your new house.

Utilize the Correct Moving Equipment

While moving lighter items such as coffee tables and chairs might be easy without certain moving equipment, you will require extra equipment to move awkward furniture items. For example, a dolly or hand truck might be useful as they can assist to lift heavy furniture items like refrigerators, dining tables, and pool tables.

Protect Your Furniture by Wrapping it in Moving Blankets

It isn’t recommended to shove furniture recklessly onto a moving truck. When you are moving the household furniture, it will be vital to prepare properly. It’s recommended to protect your furniture with moving blankets. Their thick material might be great for protecting your furniture when moving. The heavy nature of blankets can also protect your moulding from scratches caused by the furniture being moved. Shrink wrap may also be great for helping keep your furniture parts together.

Utilize a Professional Mover to Help Move Bulky Furniture

Some people make an attempt to move awkward pieces of furniture by themselves without getting assistance. Trying to move the pieces of furniture by oneself may result in damage to the furniture, walls, or floor, or even injury to you. This is why it’s vital to secure the services of a professional mover if moving furniture.

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