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September 04, 2021

Tips for Saving Money While Moving

Packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional moving company, moving is not just stressful, but expensive. Saving a little money wherever you can, is more than helpful. Here are some ideas that can help reduce your costs when moving.

Minimize Your Belongings

A common trend today is minimalism: an intentional way of living that reduces the number of "things" in our lives. When it comes to moving, why not make your fresh start, even tidier by de-cluttering and downsizing the quantity of things you are moving?

Some common examples of things that you might consider eliminating include:

  • Unused clothing
  • Expired products (such as cosmetics, foods, etc.)
  • Old electronics
  • Ruined furniture
  • Jars and bottles
  • Receipts
  • Magazines/Papers/Books
  • Broken toys, tools, or other broken household items
  • Stored knick-knackery
  • Non-functioning appliances

Of course, the idea of just tossing some of these items may raise your blood pressure but you don't necessarily have to discard them. You can donate working electronic items to schools or other charity organizations. Books can be donated to colleges, libraries, or schools. And since most Americans own way too many clothes, chances are you won't feel bad about donating some of those only-worn-once articles of clothing to a nearby charity or consignment shop.

Alternatively, if you have some items of value, you can offset some of your moving costs by holding a garage/yard sale. Not only will this cut down on the things you'll need to move, but you'll feel better knowing you're truly starting fresh in your new place.

Drive Your Own Vehicle

Having a moving company move your car can be an unnecessary cost to you. If you choose, instead, to drive your own vehicle, it comes with some bonuses. Firstly, you can carry a load of some of your more precious items that may not be ideal for a moving truck such as plants or other personal items. Secondly, driving to your new place allows you to see the surroundings and get to know the area you're moving to.

Of course, driving your own vehicle may not be the most feasible option in every instance (such as when there is more than one vehicle, for example) in which case, it's important to find a moving company who is experienced with these kinds of moves.

Pack Some Things Yourself

Depending on whether you are doing a local or long-distance move and how much stuff you have, the cost of packing can vary greatly. You can significantly reduce the cost of your relocation by packing some of your items yourself.

We suggest having a first-day box packed with essentials you will need for your new home, the first day you arrive. This is something you should pack for yourself because you know best the things you will most need that first night in your new home.

Other items you can consider packing include: towels/linens, pillows, books, dishes, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, toys, knick-knacks and dishes.

When packing your own things, be sure to have good quality boxes, packing tape, and a marker to write down the contents of the boxes so you know which room they belong in. Most moving companies offer several tiers of packing service, so make sure and talk with your professional mover to figure out which level will best fit your needs and your budget.

Mind the Time

Did you know that professional movers typically charge different rates depending on the time of year? It’s true, during their busy season, May through August, a peak season upcharge is applied. Of course, the time of year you move, may not be something you can choose for a variety of reasons but if you're able, consider a move during the slower seasons - from September through April - when demand is usually lowest.

Moving is an exciting time and saving money on the expenses is just one way to make it even better. If you would like to find out more about A-1 Freeman's moving services, reach out to us today for more information about how we can help you get to wherever you're going.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.

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