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October 14, 2015

Tips for Relocating Your Family to Oklahoma City

If you're planning to relocate your family to Oklahoma City, you're in for the experience of a lifetime. While moving long distances can sometimes be stressful, dazzling Oklahoma City has something for the whole family. Beautiful scenery, fabulous attractions, and cultural hot spots are just a few things that await you. To make your big move as smoothly as possible, check out these tips:
Pack Wisely
When moving long distances, you likely won't be able to fit everything you own in your car. Bring only what you need in your vehicle, and let the movers handle the rest of your possessions. If you're traveling with young children, make sure favorite stuffed animals and blankets are always nearby. A change of clothes for each family member and basic toiletries should be sufficient, and don't forget books or portable games to keep passengers from getting bored.
Plan for Mealtimes and Snacks
Hungry travelers are often cranky travelers. Avoid grumpiness by keeping your family well-fed when on the road. Map out your itinerary ahead of time, and make sure to plan stops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at restaurants the whole family enjoys rather than stopping at the first establishment you see. Packing healthy snacks and bottles of water is a good idea to keep your family satisfied between meals while on the road.
Prepare Young Children for Their New Environment
Young children are often unsure of how to feel when moving a long distance. While they might be excited to be traveling, they may also be frightened. When kids know what to expect, it's likely they'll adjust more easily to their new home. Show kids photos of their new city so when they arrive, the scenery will look somewhat familiar to them.
Your Long-Distance Move
Moving to Oklahoma City doesn't have to be an ordeal — in fact, it can be easier than you ever thought possible. Call A-1 Freeman and speak to one of our moving specialists today. Our experienced Oklahoma City movers can handle every aspect of your family's long-distance move from start to finish. Visit our website for a free quote and see how affordable our services can be!

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