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March 15, 2018

The Right Logistics Service Can Make the Most Intimidating Move Easy

A-1 Freeman Logistic ServicesOriginating as a military term, the word logistics was used to describe troop and equipment movements. In today's private sector, it is more simply used to describe shipping and delivery.

No matter what type of products you are moving, selecting the right logistics service can save you from having to manage a stress headache on top of your other responsibilities!

With so many companies to choose from, how do you determine the best one for your needs?


It's a common saying that word of mouth is the best advertising out there. Recommendations and reviews from colleagues, friends or family offer a vote of confidence when you're searching for the right company for your transportation needs. With business information so readily available in todays' digital world, researching a company is an easy and important step in selecting the perfect business for the job.

Years in Business:

New businesses offer friendly competition and are a welcome sign of a strong economy, but when it comes to handling your assets or ensuring your products safe arrival to its destination, you might feel better with a company that offers a proven track record. Companies that have been in business for years may be more experienced and able to handle any obstacles or transportation issues that might arise. New businesses, while good at what they do, may take a bit more time to find a solution to your issue.

Services Offered:

You may or may not know what kind of equipment is necessary to move your shipment and having a knowledgeable company to assist you is key. Is your shipment time sensitive? Does it require a liftgate? Is your shipment bulky or require flatbed transport? Does your shipment require warehousing before delivery? Are you a one-time shipper or will you be shipping daily? These are all extremely important factors to consider when selecting the logistics company that will serve you. It needs to be one with a variety of capabilities that can be customized to your specific needs.

Safety Record:

Accidents happen. The frequency in which the accidents happen though is a concern to address when researching your logistics service providers. Assuring your product or business property are properly packaged before moving to protect them from the bumps along the journey to training staff and drivers on careful handling of freight, a good logistics company understands the importance of getting loads to destinations in the condition they started in. When a company consistently performs above and beyond for its customers and community, recognition will follow.

Customer Service:

Sometimes, the best measure of any company is the first interaction you have with customer service. A friendly, helpful representative can be the difference between gaining your business or losing it to a competitor. As a customer, you should feel valued. Your needs should be as important to the person assisting you as they are to you.

Questions to ask include:

Does this company representative seem knowledgeable about my needs?

Are they willing/able to work within my specifications?

Do they offer the services I need?

Are they responsive to my inquiries?

While the prospect of a move, whether a one-time endeavor or movement of a number of products over a long time, finding a reliable and trustworthy logistics provider can be the difference between a rewarding experience or a frustrating one. With a bit of forethought and research, finding that perfect match is a simple task.

Contact A-1 Freeman today to learn how we can assist you with all your Logistic Service needs, big or small!

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