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January 15, 2023

Questions to Ask a Professional Mover

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
After spending your time researching multiple moving companies and doing due diligence, you've finally located a potential moving company that can handle your relocation. Before you move to quick and close the deal with the moving company, it is imperative to ask several questions to make sure that you’re selecting the best mover for you. This should can you from getting into unanticipated stressful situations that might arise on moving day. Following are some questions to ask the moving company.

1. Who will be My Main Contact, and Can I Have the Driver's Contact Information As Well?

The moving company should be able to connect you to a customer service rep who can be your main contact until you are finished with your relocation. Knowing a person to contact can help you to keep current regarding your scheduled dates and the time of your move. In case of some updates, you should get timely information, enabling you to organize accordingly. You should also get the contact of the driver to stay in touch and also know the actual time that the truck should get to your house. This will help you prepare and minimize inconveniences regarding poor timing and planning.

2. Which Services Does the Quote Include and What Doesn't It Include?

Many moving companies don’t include all services in the moving estimate. Some have extra costs that might throw you off balance down the road. Understanding what the quote consists of as well as doesn't include is critical for effective preparation. Don’t forget to ask questions if you are not sure a service which you need is included.

3. What’s the Estimated Delivery Window?

A professional mover who's been in the industry for some years should be able to tell you an estimated delivery date range to your residence. However, it’s worth explaining that lots of circumstances help to define the delivery period, which is why the moving company might not be able to provide you the precise time.

4. What Items May Not Be Transported by the Moving Truck?

It’s worth saying that professional movers can’t transport anything and everything. A professional mover will concentrate on moving certain household items however cannot permit other items on the moving truck for instance hazardous materials, jewelry, checkbooks, living plants, household animals and liquor. The moving company will give you a list of the things they cannot put on the truck to enable you to fin other means. It would be good to move such items yourself.

Pick the Best Moving Company for Your Money

It is imperative to do due diligence and make sure that the responses the moving company provides are genuine. Additionally, you can take a peek at the company's social media pages as well as website to see what other clients say about them. Doing this might help clear up any second thoughts you may have regarding the mover. Would you like to have a stress free and professional moving experience? We can help. Call A-1 Freeman Moving Group for any questions and allow us to give you a smooth and professional moving experience.


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