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December 05, 2019

Practical Gift Ideas for Friends or Family Who are Moving in 2020

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The arrival of the holidays and season of giving are almost always a stressful time of year and adding moving and relocating to a new residence into the mix makes it even crazier and chaotic, yet it still happens. Finding just the right gift for friends or family is often difficult enough on its own and even more complicated when you consider these recipients don't really want (or need) more "stuff" to pack when relocating to a new location.

So, in this light, here are some super practical, somewhat festive and thoughtful gift ideas for those on our list who will be moving in the New Year.

Present A Professional Mover

Whether they're moving around the corner or across the country, everyone knows what a hassle it is to pack, load up and relocate. Consider giving the gift of hiring a professional mover to perform these services for them. Imagine the look on their face(s) when they realize these chores will be taken care of by a knowledgeable moving company.

Send a Storage Space

For those who are downsizing, they may need temporary storage space while they're getting settled into a smaller space. There may be other reasons why this acquisition of temporary storage could be beneficial for those who are moving due to a new job opportunity and they might not even have a place to reside yet. If some of these unique circumstances exist, you may want to consider giving the gift of additional space to those who may need this on a short-term basis. This space could be as simple as providing a corner of your basement or garage to store things free of charge temporarily.

Giving Gifts for a New Locale

Gift certificates are a common present where recipients either choose what they wish to purchase or partake in a pre-chosen place or event to enjoy. Especially for those who are moving to an unfamiliar town or perhaps a location in another state, these prepaid cards could be chosen specifically to partake in a new, local arena, location or event when purchasing:

  • A trip to the zoo or theme park in the area
  • Events happening soon for them to attend giving them a break after moving (search for calendars in their respective city)
  • A gift certificate to a favorite chain or well-loved local restaurant (check online review sites for possibilities)
  • Massage sessions or a spa day for relaxation after relocation

There are also different types of memberships to consider such as those to a local gym, museum, Performing Arts Center, Golf or Country Club. Think about what they enjoy, and this gift can be a special way to welcome them to this new area without being there yourself.

Wrap Up Some Moving Supplies

There is a plethora of presents to consider in the moving supply category with boxes, tape, markers, packing materials to protect fragile items from damage, etc. (Check with your local moving company for more suggestions.) But remember to think a little bit "out of the box" when it comes to making these choices. While rolls of tape are an excellent choice, be sure to grab one of those hand-held rollers to really speed up the process. There are also items that are needed when relocating including shelf liners, cleaning supplies, and a wide variety of paper products, plates, TP, towels, and disposable utensils - the list goes on.

Don't forget to "pack up" these gifts and wrap them in a festive manner or make them appear as a package destined for a new location. Other options include gifts with their new address printed on return labels or a personalized, decorative sign to adorn the door or yard of their updated residence.

A Gracious Non-Seasonal Gift

When relocating after the holidays have passed, you can still step up to the plate to give your friends or family a thoughtful gift on or before moving day. A care package might include necessities for arrival to their new location that won't have them scrambling around opening boxes. This container could hold often forgotten about items including toiletries, new toothbrushes, and paste, instant coffee, travel-sized items like shampoo, a non-perishable breakfast, snacks or edible items.

Any of these gifts are not only practical, but they're also very thoughtful which makes them a perfect present for our loved ones before, after or during the season.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.

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