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November 02, 2019

Moving & Thanksgiving - Part 1: Why Host the Family Thanksgiving This Year Even Though You Just Moved?

Thanksgiving DinnerBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving in the fall hosts one unique and special challenge: Thanksgiving. You may still be figuring out where to put all the furniture and dealing with those last few boxes, but the Holiday season is already nearly upon us. As the family debates where to host Thanksgiving this year, now is the perfect time to volunteer your brand-new home.

Sure, every fiber of your being may be telling you that hosting Thanksgiving is the last thing you need right now, but your being-fibers might be wrong. There are some fantastic reasons to host Thanksgiving in a home you've just moved into. In fact, it might be just what you need right now.

Why Host Thanksgiving Dinner Right After Moving In?

You'll Feel More At-Home in the New House

A new house can feel like a stranger to you because it's somewhere you've never lived before. Many people, for example, have trouble sleeping in the new home for some time until it finally starts to feel like "home", which can take some time. Hosting Thanksgiving and filling the house with cooking smells and family memories is a wonderful way to make yourself feel more at-home in the new house in a truly wonderful way.

Motivation to Finish Unpacking Completely

One of the reasons you're dreading playing the host is that you feel your house is a mess. But it doesn't have to be. We often procrastinate unpacking those last few boxes and things sit out unsorted and undecorated for months. Why put yourself through that when you could finish all your unpacking in one weekend blitz? Or, hire your moving company for unpacking service, as well. Planning for guests is the best possible motivator to clear up every box and get everything into its most functional or beautiful place in the new house.

Thanksgiving Doubles as a Housewarming Party

Not to mention, for any family members who have not seen your new home yet, hosting Thanksgiving can also be like throwing yourself a housewarming party Your loved ones will get a chance not just to see the house, but to explore and love it as much as you do. You can give grand tours or just sit back and watch your house become more of a home with every relative that arrives.

Preparing Your New Home to Host Thanksgiving

Run Through Your Kitchen Checklist

To get your home ready for Thanksgiving, make sure to run through your kitchen supplies. This is the one area we tend to fall short after moving, and not just the pots and pans. You may need to restock your staples like flour, sugar, cinnamon, and baking powder if the pantry wasn't packed intact. The bright side is that Thanksgiving is a great excuse to restock all your pantry essentials at once.

Potluck Tables and Chairs if Necessary

If your family is larger than your amount of seating, that's okay! Ask around for who can bring a few extra card-tables and folding chairs that can be decorated as the kid's table. Or even use this as an excuse to stock up on extra tables that will live in other useful places in your home after Thanksgiving.

A Chance to Really Decorate for the Season

Go all-out with the decorations. You want to make your new house feel warm and inviting in the fall season and ready for the official Holiday season to get into full swing. Put up warm red, orange, and gold decorations in the shape of leaves and turkeys that will make everyone smile as they walk through your new front door.

Making Your New House Resonate with Family Memories

When the big Turkey Day rolls around, you might be surprised just how much warmer and more welcoming your home feels with the addition of a giant roasted bird and a dozen or so family members chatting in every visible corner. Thanksgiving is one of those family memories we cherish each year and this year, your home has become an integral part of those warm memories. Your home will resonate with a sense of family and togetherness in a way that will feel so much more inviting than it did a few weeks previous with boxes still scattered over the floor and the walls yet-undecorated.

Hosting Thanksgiving in your new house is a great idea for making that new house that you just moved into truly feel like home.


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The Mickelson Family
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