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July 18, 2023

Location...Things to Think About When Moving

Moving to a new houseBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Being a professional moving company, we recognize that moving to a new place is a major decision. It'll affect your family in several ways - a few anticipated, and a few unexpected.

Of course, everyone is different in relation to their own concept of the best location to reside. For many, it is the big town near the beach; for other people, it is the calm town nestled away in the mountains.

No matter what it may be for you personally, when thinking about best places relocate you want to take your time and properly contemplate each of the variables involved. Listed here are 5 sizeable ones that you should consider:

1) Personal safety

None of us wants to move to a high-crime spot; and in case you've got a significant other and/or child, then you want to do everything in your own power to keep them safe.

The Internet is loaded with information that can help you ascertain the crime rate within a city. As an example, offers a lot of demographic details on cities all over the United States, like crime statistics. You can even speak to the neighborhood police department in the area you are considering for your move and ask about selected local neighborhoods.

2) Cost of Living

Apart from physical safety, the cost of living in a new area could very well be the single most essential aspect you need to consider ahead of completing your move. Needless to say, living costs is often a challenging element to determine. For example, several locations could have very high median rental expenses (e.g., California, New York, Alaska, etc.) but in addition have numerous availabilities with regard to high-paying work opportunities.

Whenever you compute living costs, it is not difficult to pinpoint the large expenses such as rent payments and utilities. Nevertheless, do not forget to include less significant costs associated with the area, including laundromat expenses, train fare, or highway tolls. Don't let yourself be misled: they will accumulate over time.

3) Employment Market

In addition to the cost of living, you ought to decide how easy (or tricky) it'll be to find a new job after you have moved. Should you have certain competencies or certifications, is there a strong market for that type of work in the area? What is the average jobless rate? Addressing these and other questions will assist you to make a sensible decision.

Or, maybe, this is a moot point because you work from home and can take your current job with you, no matter where you end up.

4) The Size of the Metropolis or Town

Some individuals take pleasure in the thrill and delight of living within a crowded metropolis. Other people much prefer the peacefulness and tranquility of country living. You need to ponder the pros and cons of your possible new home's population density: Will it be too boisterous? Will you find yourself bored? What about your family?

You should think about the cultural elements of the area, in addition to available choices for fun. For instance, are persons in the town commonly hushed and reserved, or chatty and outgoing? Is it a conservative or progressive place? Does the region lend itself to outside activities such as hiking or cycling, or does it have a energetic nightlife?

5) Schools

In case you have children, you need to make sure they receive the best possible schooling. Knowing that, you'll want to examine the area's local schools. Do they provide superior quality education? Are they overcrowded? Are there any additional options available aside from public school?

As you have seen, there's a large amount of things to think about ahead of heading to a different location. And whenever you have made a decision on where you should move, you will additionally require a dependable moving company that may help you skillfully relocate - with minimum strain. If that's your current situation, then get in touch with A-1 Freeman Moving Group, and allow our professional movers get your adventure off to a good start.


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