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January 10, 2021

Learning to Enjoy the Cold Weather When You Dont Really Like It

Moving to a new houseBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Being a professional moving company, we recognize that moving from a warm-weather location to a cold climate can be jarring --- teeth-chattering, one might say. Of course, you knew it would be colder than where you used to live, but you didn't realize how different just about everything in your life would be. No more grabbing your car keys and running out the door with just jeans and a T-shirt on. Oh no. You must wear all sorts of wintry paraphernalia before you can go outdoors. No more leaving the windows wide open all day to get nice fresh air flowing through your house. Nope, you must leave the windows closed and turn up the heat.

Yikes! What to do? Well, what you need to do is learn to enjoy the cold weather even though you don't really like it. If you learn to embrace the cold instead of thinking of it as your enemy, you just might find that there are things about it that you like! And even if it turns out that you don't grow to like the cold weather, you can utilize some coping mechanisms that will make it more bearable.


A cozy home goes a long way towards making your personal space comfortable and warm and improves your general sense of well-being. Avoid the minimalist look – it will make your house look and feel cold. Cold weather cozy conjures images of plump couches in sumptuous material, comfortable throw pillows, area rugs or carpet.

Place some comfy lined slippers next to the front door. Walking on bare wooden floors or tile can be very uncomfortable in the winter, especially if you are not used to it. Carpeting your home or buying some area rugs or throw rugs will go a long way toward keeping your feet warm and will make your home feel cozier.

Bake something. Having the oven on will warm your house…plus, the wonderful aroma of fresh bread or cookies baking is just plain comforting. You'll feel better.

Get insulating windows treatments, such as honeycomb blinds or heavy curtains, to block out the cold.

If you have a fireplace, use it! There is nothing more inviting than sitting on the couch, sipping some hot chocolate, with a crackling fire going. Electric fireplaces do the trick, too.


Going outdoors when you are not dressed for it is miserable, so be ready for the cold when it's time to go out. Invest in some sweatshirts, sweaters, down jacket, waterproof lined boots, wool socks, hats, scarves, and gloves or mittens. Wearing warm layered clothing makes the cold weather much more bearable.


No, you can't go swimming outside…but the cold weather offers really fun outdoor opportunities that you just don't have in warm weather – for instance, snow. Learn to embrace the snow and enjoy it. Instead of thinking of snow only as a burden (shoveling, scraping your windshield, driving on slippery roads), think of all the fun it can provide. Watch kids playing in the snow. They LOVE it…building snowmen, a fort, having a snowball fight, making snow angels, going sledding, or even just sliding down a hill on a piece of cardboard. Indulge your inner child and play.

Try ice skating. It's a fun activity and can really get the heart pumping, which in turn elevates your body temperature. If you get good at it, the fluid and repetitive motion are very relaxing. It's a great way to meet people, too. If you are more adventurous, take up skiing or snowboarding. Many mountain regions have snow schools which provide lessons in the fundamentals. As you glide down the mountain, you can't help but be affected by the beauty of nature all around you. You'll feel invigorated.

Take it from us, your professional movers, yes, moving from a warm to a cold climate takes some getting used to. But if that's where you find yourself, you might as well try to enjoy what it has to offer. As the saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.

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