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May 28, 2015

How to Pack up Your Kitchen

packing up your kitchen 
If you’re planning to move, packing up your house might feel overwhelming. It’s always a good idea to have a plan of attack (or hire professionals). If you think you want to go the Do It Yourself moving (DIY) route, here are some tips for how to pack up your kitchen which is one of the toughest rooms in the house.
Use it or Lose It
Take a quick inventory of all your perishable food items. Once you have a list, create meals from that list. If you have an abundance of things – think about people that might want your extra inventory. If you have a lot of baking supplies that you don’t want to move, consider creating some goodbye gifts for neighbors – include your new address in a card with a box of cookies.
Once you’ve taken inventory of your food and you’ve created a meal plan – you might consider donating some of your non-perishable food items to Move for Hunger, who will donate the items to a local food bank. If you’re thinking about hiring a mover, ask them if they participate in Move for Hunger – if they do, they might even provide the boxes and pick-up service.
Pack with Care
If you’re planning on taking some of your kitchen food, be careful when you pack each item. If a food container has been opened (e.g. flour, sugar) reinforce the bag by packing it in a plastic bag and secure it shut with tape. Consider taking the rest of your frozen items in a cooler; be sure to pack it last so that you can get it into your new freezer quickly.
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