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June 11, 2015

How Not To Pack Your Breakables

Packing up your sheets, clothing and neatly boxed books and knick-knacks was easy. Now, after the rest of your items are stacked in boxes, you’re left with everything else—the antique, glass vase from grandma; the fine china and silverware; your favorite decorative mirror. How are you supposed to pack all of these incredibly fragile, unusually shaped items?
Here, your friends at A-1 Freeman have put together a list of tips to help make getting ready to move a breeze—no matter what items you’re packing! Keep everything safe and secure by following these simple guidelines.
1. Be Prepared
Moving to a new home or business location is no small task. Make sure that you set aside enough time before the big moving day to gather packing materials such as sturdy boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, scissors and markers for making note of each container’s contents. By gathering plenty of all of these items early on, you can avoid having to rush and pack fragile items in a hurry.
2. Consider Hiring
If you’re moving a large number of large, unusual, or extremely valuable items that are easily breakable, consider hiring movers to help you pack. Your moving team typically has many years of experience and will be well-versed in the best practices for safely packing and moving specialized belongings. Sometimes it’s better to leave it to the pros!
3. Pack Properly
For many household moves, properly and securely packing fragile plates, glasses and other specialty items requires time and effort to make sure that they will get to their new destinations safely.
When packing plates, it is best to place them vertically in small to medium boxes with packing material such as crumpled paper, soft clothes or rags or bubble wrap. Place paper or packing material between each plate to make sure that they don’t chip each other during transit.
Like plates, glasses should each be individually wrapped, with paper or other material used as padding between each glass and to minimize any empty space. Line small or medium boxes on the top and bottom before loading in the wrapped glasses themselves.
Specialty Items:
For all of those items that are oddly-shaped, large or have protruding pieces, be sure and take extra precautions when packing. Consider the shape and size of each piece and wrap completely in bubble wrap, making sure to wrap all handles, etc. separately for extra safety. Secure the entire item with tape. Next, create a “frame” for the item by placing a piece of cardboard on top of the item and an identical piece on the bottom of the item. Bend the ends of the cardboard until they meet and secure those with tape as well. Finally, place it in a lined box that has plenty of additional padding on all sides. The best way to transport fragile belongings is to make sure that they are snug and secure.
No matter what size or type of breakable items you end up moving, be sure and mark all boxes with “FRAGILE” in large letters to alert the movers and anyone helping you that the contents are to be treated gently. If you’re unsure about how to pack something, or need a specific type of box or container, call A-1 Freeman!
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