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January 10, 2023

Moving? This Is How You Make Your Move Smoother

Packing for a MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

If you happen to be in the middle of moving or about to move, you are probably aware that a lot of work goes into it. From sorting through and packing your belongings to selecting a moving company and getting everything ready for your new house, moving is no small task.

On moving day, the last thing you desire is for anything to not go right. Following are some tips on what you might do early on to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Seven Things to Think About on Moving Day to Help It Go Smoother

  1. Be sure someone will be there: You or maybe a trusted adult will need to be available for the entirety of the move to sign moving company documents and supervise the move. This will help circumvent any misunderstanding or miscommunication between you and the professional movers. The movers will likely also welcome having someone available to answer any questions and provide directions.
  2. Clear the way: Be sure there is an unobstructed path going to your front door so the moving team can straightforwardly move boxes and furniture in and out. And, clear away all tripping hazards both inside and outside the house. This shall help prevent any trips or issues.
  3. Walk through the house: As soon as the professional movers arrive, walk around your residence with them and indicate all belongings of special importance or belongings which won’t be going on the moving truck. If you have any irreplaceable items you will take with in your car on the move, be certain they're packed up and out of the way. This could include belongings such as jewelry, important paperwork, as well as family valuables. This will ensure that these items are handled with care and also that nothing is forgotten. When the professional movers have completed loading the moving truck, complete another walkthrough of your house to make sure all items are accounted for.
  4. Formulate a plan: Creating a general plan which includes where you want things to go in your new home makes the moving process much smoother. Be sure to label each and every carton with its contents and the room it belongs in so the movers will be able to easily set everything in their correct place. For moving day, you will want to have a few things set aside, for example snacks, bottles of water, toiletries, as well as a change of clothes. Consider putting together a moving day survival bag. Put these items up in a bag or box to quickly locate them when you need them. Also, make sure you understand what tasks need to be completed and when. Having a timeline will help keep things moving smoothly.
  5. Have a plan for kids and pets: In the event you have children and/or household pets, it will be crucial to have a plan for them for moving day. Plan for someone to keep an eye on them, so they won’t be in the way of the professional movers.
  6. Chat with your neighbors: In the event you have close neighbors, it's polite to give them a heads up that there will be a moving van parked on the street and also that there may be some noise and commotion throughout the day. This will help steer clear of any possible conflict or inconvenience.
  7. Get moving permits: Depending on your town or homeowners' association, you might require a permit to park the moving truck on the street. Check with your local authorities to figure out if this is the case.

Need Assistance Getting Started?

Moving day is a hectic and usually stressful time. However by following these guidelines, you can make the process smoother – both for you as well as your movers. A-1 Freeman Moving Group is here to help you each and every step of the way. We're America's leading moving company, with more than four decades of experience helping to move people smoothly and efficiently. Allow us take some of the chaos out of moving day for you – call us today!


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