Corporate Moving Resources

Corporate Relocation Resources

Many corporate relocation customers look to us for assistance with not only office moving, employee relocation and real-estate assistance, but also for resources pertaining to corporate moving. 
Check out our corporate moving resources below or click here to contact us for more information or to answer any corporate relocation questions you have.
Understanding Costs of Your Household Goods Moves

Corporate Relocation
Understanding the Costs & Fees of Your Household Goods Moves: Looking at an itemized estimate or bill for employee relocations from a moving company can no doubt be confusing, as these costs and fees are often industry-specific.  Download our guide now to learn about some of the most common line item costs and fees you may encounter when evaluating quotations for employee household goods moves
Lump Sum Mobility Benefits

Corporate Relocation
Lump Sum Benefits: Lump sum payments are used broadly across a variety of types of moves, but they only account for one-third of permanent relocations. In examining some of the challenges of lump sum relocation, such as taxability and lack of attractiveness, and the additional challenges of today's landscape with tax reform and the driver shortage, it may give insight into why full service relocation programs remain more popular than lump sum for permanent relocations.
Tax Reform

Corporate Relocation
Tax Reform: Tax reforms enacted in 2018 have a substantial affect on corporate mobility.  Our complete reference guide provides important details on the affect these reforms will have not only on mobility programs, but also on transferees due to tax changes.  If you are a mobility professional or tasked in creating relocation policies for your organization, this guide provides critical information that you need to know. 
American Migration Patterns

Migration PatternsAmerican Migration Patterns:  Where are Americans Moving? Where people are moving to and from can be very insightful for mobility professionals when creating relocation programs and attracting new talent. Our recently updated report illustrates the states with the largest influx of moves both inbound and outbound.
Case Studies

Corporate RelocationCase Study:  Corporate Relocation "One Size Doesn't Fit All". A well organized relocation policy improves a company's ability to acquire, promote and effectively deliver staff based on organization need and project requirements.  Read how A-1 Freeman Moving Group assisted one company in establishing a new tiered relocation policy to dramatically improve the company's onboarding effort and retention statistics.
Corporate RelocationCase Study:  Corporate Relocation "Indispensable Planning".  Employee relocation is a crucial time to either make or break the employee's lasting impressions of the company. Learn how A-1 Freeman Moving Group partnered with one company to provide logistics support, relocation timelines and metrics in order to improve effectiveness and exceed expectations.

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