How to Sell Your Stuff Before You Move

Selling things before you move can save you lots of money, time and sweat. Not to mention, you can score a little extra cash to help offset your moving costs. With so many ways to sell things, here are some tips for determining the site that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.
You might consider selling your stuff on eBay if what you're selling is:
  • Low cost to ship (small weight/height)
  • Able to sustain shipping without damage
  • Name brand (high value)
  • Rare Collectors item (need to find just the right buyer)
  • Expensive enough that you’re OK paying eBay commission
 You might think about going the Craigslist route if you’re in this boat:
  • The item is large enough that you can’t ship
  • It’s fragile
  • Categories that sell well: furniture, kids items and household items
  • The item isn’t expensive enough to warrant paying a commission
Look for garage sale groups in your area by using the search function on Facebook. If you find a group, check its activity and “sold” list to make sure it’s an active group with a large number of members. Be sure to read the group rules before you post an item. When to think about using Facebook for selling:
  • If you want to find someone locally to take the item off your hands quickly
  • You don’t want to pay a fee
  • You want to share the listing with your friends
After you sell your things, you might be ready to give a mover a call – as your preferred mover remember we’re not just a Dallas mover, we can move you any place across the U.S. or world.