How does your service differ from that of your competitors?

We at A-1 Freeman differ from most of our competitors, first of all, by being one of North American Van Line’s largest and fastest growing agent families. It’s our strong affiliation with NAVL that makes it possible for us to offer the array of trusted corporate relocation services that have become our hallmark.

Specifically, we set ourselves apart by …

  • holding ourselves totally accountable for how your move is executed from start to finish,
  • following through on every commitment we make,
  • being your “on-staff” mover; someone working directly with you as an extension of your company,
  • clearly defining our services so you and your employees know exactly what to expect from us,
  • using our proprietary Move Management Technology to coordinate our efforts with your internal relocation policy,
  • educating your employees on relevant aspects of the move process,
  • maintaining frequent and thorough communication with your team throughout the move,
  • providing proactive customer service to identify and resolve potential problems before they become problems,
  • being on-call for your and your employees 24 hours a day, every day your move is in progress,
  • providing constant monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of our performance at every step, and
  • exercising total quality control, making sure we have quality people to serve you and your employees anywhere stateside and abroad.

To learn more about what makes our moving services unique, review The A-1 Freeman Difference in Corporate Relocation Services.