Looking Around the Corner

By Ron Martin, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The moving industry’s 2019 “Peak Season” is quickly approaching. A-1 Freeman is putting its Operational “wheels in motion” and preparing for what is expected as a challenging peak season (May, June, July and August).
Our plans include:

1. Service from over one hundred qualified van operators

2. Priority shipment assignments based on corporate relocations and contract pricing

3. Reorganizing A-1 Freeman’s “Central Dispatch” employee roles and responsibilities to improve shipment coverage, monitor shipment load/delivery dates and manage van operator schedules.

4. The availability of over 30,000 trailers from multiple sources as A-1 Freeman will interchange empty and loaded trailers to optimize fleet and van operator schedules.

5. Based on fleet size (100 van operators) and A-1 Freeman and NAVL agent locations, we reasonably expect to service over one hundred shipments per day from a packing and loading, hauling and delivery perspective

At times “looking around the corner” can scare people yet; with planning and preparation people and organizations can overcome obstacles and effectively service opportunities.