How Will We Honor Our Veterans Today?

Gary Sinise Foundation DeliveryHow Will We Honor Our Veterans Today?

There was no major holiday last Friday. No trending social media themes or special discounts. It was one of 365 days we will have this year.

As a business owner with several veterans on my team, I had a chance to see first-hand the impact basic compassion can have for members of our military.

We helped the Gary Sinise Foundation provide a smart home for a wounded veteran and his family. It culminated a two-week process for which we charged $0.00. While the move wasn’t financially profitable, it was one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done.

Sadly, veterans around Dallas and all of Texas need help 365 days of the year. Social, emotional, physical, and financial challenges persist. There is constant need to provide support and service to those who risked life and limb on the front lines of battlefields across the globe.

Everyone reading this has something to give. Maybe it’s the treasure of a donation. Maybe it’s the talent to make a complicated project easier to achieve. Maybe it’s just some time to talk. What seems routine to you can make a lasting impact on veterans and their families.

There won’t be a holiday to honor veterans this week. That shouldn’t stop us from taking a minute to think about how we can help. For the service and sacrifice our veterans provided, it’s the least we can do.


Larry Vinzant, President

A-1 Freeman Moving Group